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DC1 750 0076 L HollywoodDeCou residence, 2015 Whitley Ave., Hollywood. Exterior, stairs from sidewalkHouse built c. 1923
P630B G652 RES039 BFGoodhue and WinslowSan Diego Exposition Building. Calif. State Building. Facade detail1915
P630B M3781SGS132 ACMartin, Albert C., Sr.S.Vincent de Paul Church. Exterior view1925
P630B M686 KLD565 BCMizner, AddisonDieterich House ("Casa Bienvenida"). Exteriorc. 1929
P630B M686 KLD565 DCMizner, AddisonDieterich House ("Casa Bienvenida"). Exterior, courtyard sidec. 1929
P630B M686 KLD565 JBMizner, AddisonDieterich House ("Casa Bienvenida"). Galeria, sexpartite vaulted ceilingc. 1929
P630B M686 KLD565 KBMizner, AddisonDieterich House ("Casa Bienvenida"). Living roomc. 1929
P630B M825 IJC862 ACMooser, WilliamCourthouse. Exterior from the sunken gardens1929
P630B M825 IJC862 GBMooser, WilliamCourthouse. Courtyard1929
P630B M825 IJC862 ICMooser, WilliamCourthouse. Arch seen during La Fiesta1929
P630B M825 IJC862 LBMooser, WilliamCourthouse. Interior, Supervisors' Room with murals1929
P630B W778 RES039 CBWinslow, Carleton M.San Diego Exposition Buildings. (Balboa Park). Science and Education Building1915
P630B W778 RES039 DHWinslow, Carleton M.San Diego Exposition Buildings. (Balboa Park). Foreign Arts Building. Det. Tower1915
P750A S034 TCV586 ACSanta Cruz, CaliforniaVeterans Memorial, 844 Front Street1931
P630B M825 IJC862 BBMooser, WilliamCourthouse. Exterior view of front facade, entrance arch, clock tower1929

Records 16-30

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